The invitation

I’ve been part of so many conversations where the words “I just haven’t had that kind of experience. When I do, then I’ll believe.”

I always get a little bit discouraged when I hear that because I never know how to respond.

Recently, I realized that in order to be a part of that experience there must be an invitation.

I believe that having free will requires us to extend an invitation to God.

I believe that God will not enter where He has not been invited.

His love for us allows us to have free will.

His love for us allows us to be honest with Him.

I remember the day I fell on my knees and broke down crying out of a disgust for my life.

I remember begging God to help me. That’s what my invitation looked like.

I believe every invitation is unique.

The invitation will be life-changing.

The invitation will hand over the key to your heart to the One who created your heart.

God’s love will rush in, burst in, because He has been waiting eagerly to be invited in.

His love will wash away things that torment you.

He will invite you to lay down all of your troubles at His feet.

He will offer to take them from you.

He will never leave you!

So, if you have ever said that you just haven’t experienced God yet, I encourage you to offer Him an invitation.

Be ready to sit down and watch a new life unfold and then play out in front of you like the best movie you’ve ever seen 🙂

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