My mother’s womb

The first world I knew.  Protected, nourished, loved.

She was chosen to carry me.

The details were not accidentally aligned.

Her strength was passed down to me, her courage flows through my veins.

The situation we were in was not ideal but her love for me allowed us to conquer the evils that attempted to devour us.

We fought a lot as I grew up and we often didn’t see eye to eye.

There were moments when I felt like walking away. There were moments that I did.

She loved me anyway.

I ran back into her open arms more times than I can count.

She never judged me, and she was always happy to see me.

I asked her once if she was ashamed of me because of my biggest mistakes and she asked me in the most honest and sincere way, “Why would I be?”

Those words kept me moving forward despite my worst decisions.

My Mom has shown me unconditional love, always.

Her love allowed me to receive and accept another LOVE that was offered to me long ago.

She is humble, kind, giving, wise, and strong.

I am so thankful for her!

I know that God chose her to be my Mom because He knew exactly who I’d need to raise me.

He knew I’d need the exact amount of love, kindness, and strength that she provided.

He knit me together in her womb, on purpose, for a purpose.

Her love for me will never cease, nor will mine for her.

She also taught me how to love my own children unconditionally.

As I get older, I realize that the ability to see beyond our circumstances, beyond the struggles, and to carry each other to the finish line, is a gift.

Thank you, Mom, for accepting the challenge of carrying me, raising me, and loving me unconditionally!


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