Emotional Pain

Many of you know that I’m working on getting my Masters Degree in School Counseling. A few weeks ago I learned about suicide assessments in class. Something my professor said struck me hard: “it’s usually not the circumstances that cause someone to end their life… it’s the emotional pain they can’t bare.”

In that moment, I saw their pain.

It was heavy and suffocating.

It terrorized and paralyzed them.

Some of my own pain flooded back in from the place I left it when my healing took place. I felt it again, for them. The world was spinning out of control as I laid on that bathroom floor and cried out for help.

I was able to put the pain back where it belongs so it could no longer drown my mind.

I hope that I can help them work through the pain when those doors are opened to me.

I hope I can share what God has done for me, even though I won’t be able to give direct credit to Him. I hope they’ll realize who healed me when I tell them I didn’t go through the process alone.

My eyes have been opened wider to the current mental state that our youth are in. It’s scary, yet I’m eager to be their voice.

I’m eager to help them find their unique purpose here.

I can see the stones they’ll walk on as they move toward their calling.

We never have to work through our pain alone.

I’m thankful that I know what I’ve been called to do.

I’m even thankful for the pain I’ve gone through that has allowed me to see theirs.

Emotional pain isn’t beyond healing.

Nothing is too much to bare when you walk with the One who lovingly takes it all from you.

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