A misunderstanding

I know a girl who grew up receiving love when she met the demands of her parents.

The love she desired had no strings attached.

After a while, she thought that love was only given upon receipt of what was demanded from her.

So she gave.

Her actions were driven by a need to be loved.

That “love” once received, still left her feeling empty.

The emptiness consumed her.

Eventually, she was numb and emotionless as she allowed that “love” to wreck her.

She looked at her body and found it covered in scars. Her clothes, covered in stains.

The love she desired had no strings attached.

When she met someone who didn’t want anything from her in return for love, she was confused.

He asked for her heart, scarred, torn, and stained.

She gave.

He took her hand and walked with her, never asking for anything in return.

He continued to love her and give to her until the scars healed and the stains were gone.

He never let go of her hand as they walked.

She understood.

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