As I was speaking with a friend of mine recently, I saw her son’s heart in chains.

His heart is choking.

Unknowingly, he is choosing each link on the chain. He’s choosing to be bound.

The chains that are wrapped around his heart have blinded him from who he was created to be.

One link became two. Two links multiplied. Each link gained strength from their connection.

Everyone who knows him sees the chains.

He refuses to stop. They’ve become his comfort.

He lashes out. He says hateful things. He has hurt his family.

His heart is choking.

Yet, there IS hope.

There is One who can gently, carefully, lovingly cut each link.

There is One who is stronger than the thickest chain.

The same One who gives this mom the love that her son needs even when he’s blind.

She will love him no matter what he does or says to her. Because he’s her son. A mother’s love is capable of loving past the hurt.

There IS hope.




He is setting this son free.

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