Capturing a MOMENT

Their dad was making a stand today, one that could change their lives forever.

He promised to trust God with his life, to be a good role model to his two children, and to lead his family.  He promised to be faithful.

As he walked back to his seat I watched his children, arms out, eagerly and impatiently waiting to hug their dad.

It was one of those moments I will never forget.

They were so proud of their dad standing up there, all choked up, telling everyone that God is number one in his life.

As soon as he sat down between them, they wrapped their little arms around him in one of the sweetest sandwich hugs I’ve ever been honored to watch.  They held on and then they buried their heads into each of his shoulders.

His children are young, but their actions are proof that knew what their dad was promising.  I know that they have seen him live it out daily.  Not perfectly, since none of us can, but with focus, and re-focus after each failed attempt.

I don’t know if they could see God helping their dad back up each time, but in that MOMENT, I could.

As bold as it is to say, I think God eagerly and patiently waits for all of us to return so He can hug us the same way.

The stand that this dad made today, to God, his wife, his children, and his family was loud.

It took courage.

It was beautiful.

It was a MOMENT I will never forget.


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