What’s Missing?

I had a conversation with a friend today.  We were sharing our hearts with each other, in a very raw/real, genuine way.

She asked me a question that I just recently learned the answer to…

“Why do I feel like I have everything I need, yet I am still missing something?”

I searched, and found, the answer to this question…

I explained to my friend that we are all trying to complete ourselves.  We think that a relationship will complete us, or children, or a better job, or a new house.  We achieve or receive these things, yet we still feel empty.

I found the answer when I was in the pit, the one I created when I was lost…

… We were created with that longing.

We will not feel complete until we surrender to it.

It” is God.

I’ve heard this idea explained this way – we all have a “God-shaped void” in our soul.  Nothing else will fit.

Just as toddlers try over and over to fit the triangle shape into the only spot the circle will fit, we attempt to fill the void with the things we think will fit. (relationships, children, a better job, a new house, etc.)

We are a two-piece puzzle.  The only other piece that completes us is the One who created the puzzle.

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