Needed: Strength

A piece of my heart left on Monday.  It leapt right out of my chest, and tagged along with him, when I hugged him.

It was a loud hug.  It screamed silently, for strength.

I wanted to stop time, and rewind.  I wanted to replay the last 18 years right at that moment.




I could see where we’ve been, but I couldn’t see where he was going.  That is what scares me the most.

His whole life, I’ve known and warned him about the potential dangers that lurked around every corner.

This corner is one I’ve never seen beyond.

I know I have to trust, seek peace, and try not to worry.

I know I need to rely on God, friends, family, fellow Army moms, and anyone else who offers encouragement along the way.

With anything that is new, navigating through the unknown is the hardest part.

Life keeps moving, even though I need it to pause.  My heart keeps beating even though a piece of it is in Georgia.

I know that peace will come.  It already has, in small doses.

I know that strength is at the ready.  I just have to cling to, and trust, the only One who can truly provide it.


When I trust, I am strong.

Acquired: Strength

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