Stitched up

I love wearing jeans. Always.

So, I have a pair of jeans (that’s so weird, a “pair” of jeans), that were so worn that they ripped in the knee. What a sad day that was. They (since they’re a pair, I suppose they’re a they), were my favorite jeans.

I still wore them, of course, because I’m 43 and I have a new outlook on life – it’s called “who cares what I look like!”

One day, I decided to take them back to where they came from. I asked their creators if they could fix them.

After an extensive assessment and, I assume, careful consideration, I was informed that the rip was repairable, but it wouldn’t be pretty. I accepted this. I wasn’t ready to let go.

I received the call a week later.  They were ready.  The moment had arrived.  We would meet again.

I was so nervous! Can you imagine? What if I no longer liked them? What if they were different? What if the stitching was unbearable? *sigh*

My heart was racing (ok, really? racing? who comes up with these phrases?). My heart was beating so fast it felt like it was going to explode (yes, that’s better).

She opened the bag that they were suffocating in… and… they were… better than before! I loved the stitching!

I could actually see, and feel, their story!

In that moment, I loved them even more. Their story was mine.

In my ripped, broken, unrepairable state, I was all stitched up too!  My story improved me.  My stitching makes me unique.

I’ve been accepted, just as I am, and loved even more.

Be a pair of ripped, stitched jeans today.  Wear yourself proud.  Know that you’re loved, no matter what.


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