Changes were taking place, and I wanted to be a part of it.

The people there weren’t mean.  They accepted me, even though I wasn’t wearing the latest fashions.  My nails weren’t fake and painted. My hair was in a messy ponytail.

They saw ME, beyond what I looked like, how I behaved, and what I could provide for them. They didn’t even ask me for anything!

I was so alive back then.  I couldn’t spend enough time there.  It was a vibrant place with colorful people.  I wanted everyone I knew to experience the same.  So, I invited them. Everyone I knew.

I was so thankful back then. Overwhelmingly thankful.

There were parts of me, (the parts that were empty for 22 years) that were instantly filled.  Overflowing.

I felt like I stepped into the wardrobe.  I was surrounded by a new, fascinating world.

I remember that moment so clearly.  I wasn’t skeptical, or questioning.  I trusted that the changes I saw in my step-brother and his best friend would be granted to me as well.

In the wardrobe, I found new skin.  It fit me perfectly.

The new world I stepped into, beyond the wardrobe, was radiant, and warm. Loving, accepting, tender, and genuine.

A divine appointment.


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