Hannah More

img_3166-1I was introduced to a woman that loved writing, and used it to change the world from 1745-1833.

Eric Metaxas, in “7 Women And The Secret Of Their Greatness” describes her as brilliant, eccentric, and incomparable. I must agree.

She was a playwright, author, poet, slave abolitionist, politician, advocate of educational reforms for women, among many other achievements.

The trait that impressed me most was her passion.

She was passionate about morals, politics, helping and educating girls, women, poor people, and slaves. She was one of the first to present the idea of a companionate marriage – where an educated woman would make a better companion in a marriage.

She did not change who she was, even when she was with people who didn’t agree with her. She accepted them and loved them.

“It is in her ready acceptance and love of those who did not share her faith that we see an important aspect of Hannah More. She did not let the indifference or even the irreligiosity of most in [her] circles dissuade her from enjoying their company. She did not lose her wit when she found God.” – Eric Metaxas.

Her voice was heard.

She used her gift to reach people.

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