Back on land

img_2867-1It’s crazy how we learn so much about ourselves when we are back on land and we look back at the raging sea we were finally smart enough to exit.

For me, the raging sea was deception.

It was inviting. It appeared calm & collected.

As soon as I tiptoed in, it overtook me. It’s waves devoured me.

I struggled to spring up toward the surface, each wave throwing me back in, further, deeper. My choices brought the waves. My actions gave them fuel.

A life preserver was waiting in the distance. I knew it was for me. I just couldn’t let go of what was holding me back.

Until the day it was placed in my hands.

The waves were commanded to carry me to shore.

I walked out, looked back, and smiled.

Farewell to the rage. You no longer own me.

Kindness met me on the shore.

Sincerity held my hand.

Love swept me off my feet.

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