Joan of Arc

img_1151-1I’ve heard of her. I knew she did something great, but until reading her biography by Eric Metaxas in “7 Women” today, I had no idea how great.

At age seventeen, she was fierce. She ambitiously, and boldly, sought justice as she fought for France.

Joan of Arc listened to God and then marched forward in obedience.

To piggyback on what I wrote regarding protection of souls recently, her life illustrates this idea magnificently.

In the midst of an unfair trial, after all of the promises she offered were fulfilled, she was sent to prison.

When asked whether or not she was in a state of grace, she offered a miraculous wisdom. “If I am not, may God put me there; and if I am, may God so keep me.”

I’m amazed at her answer!

Despite her obedience, wisdom, ambition, and ferocity, she was put to death. Crucified.

Her last word was “Jesus.”

Joan of Arc knew, as do I, that her world was temporary. She was aware of the injustice that seemingly won upon her death.

The injustice was trumped by a crucifixion that preceded her own.

Marching forward, with unique convictions, I would also like to be boldly obedient.

I know what is at stake.

I’m aware of a war that remains unseen.

It is a daily battle. One that I’m reminded of as soon as I feel strong enough.

Grace is a gift that is sought, requested, and eternally admired.

With a renewed purpose, I march forward, with just an ounce of the bravery displayed by the great Joan of Arc.

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