img_3235-1He found a broken vessel that washed up on the shore right in front of him.

He picked it up, admired its beauty, saw through the brokenness, and tucked it in his pocket.

Later that night, he pulled it out and set it on his desk. He examined each fracture. He was able to see the pain in the lines that attempted to leave it shattered.

He felt a strange connection. He knew it was a rare gem.

He was drawn to the pain. Perplexed by it. Affected.

He kept the vessel in his pocket during the day, yet it never left his mind. He incessantly pondered the strange feelings that overcame him as the days passed by.

Every time he had the chance, he’d pull it out to examine it again. Each time, he felt the pain.

“How can I fix this? I don’t have the tools.”

Kindness was whispered to him. To his soul.



He walked to the sink to wash the vessel.


“I don’t understand.”

As the water from the faucet ran over the vessel, it began to sparkle. There were parts that even shimmered. It was so beautiful to him.

He wanted to know where it came from. How it got there. Why it was brought to him. What he was supposed to do with it!

He was hopelessly lost in his thoughts.

And then, in that place, he began to see things.

He saw a young girl, alone, scared. He watched her grow up. Alone, scared.

She was in the ocean. The waves tossed her. She reached for safety. It disappeared. She disappeared.


Closing his eyes, he tried to find her again.

Nothing. Night after night. Nothing. She was gone.

He met someone, and he soon forgot about the vessel he left on his desk the last time he searched for the girl who was lost in his thoughts.

The woman he met reminded him of her though. He was drawn to her painful past. It felt the same. The pain, it was familiar.

He knew she was a rare gem. He saw her beauty beyond the fractured and broken soul that she hid behind.

He covered her with Kindness.

She had never experienced this. Every time her fears attempted to overtake her, he met her with reassurance. Endlessly.

The vessel fell off his desk one day, when he was dancing with her.

It shattered into a million pieces.

As he swept it up, he was overwhelmed… with peace.

It was in that moment that his thoughts were finally clear.

He knew what he was supposed to do.

He knew what Kindness meant.

They picked up their dance right where they left off. Hand in hand. Soul to soul.

At peace with the fading pain.

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