img_2779-1People often ask me about my career. I usually say that I work for a company that provides custom and power wheelchairs. My title is Funding Specialist. I request and carefully review the required paperwork – progress notes, letters of medical necessity, and detailed prescriptions. Sometimes I have to request the paperwork several times before it meets the requirements of the insurance company. The process can take months. When the paperwork is satisfactory, I submit it for prior authorization.

My favorite moments are those that include an approval. That phone call, letting the client know that the wait is over, and the quality of their life will soon improve, is beyond rewarding. It’s exhilarating!

We have a little party, over the phone, to celebrate the great news!

Sometimes, I’m able to join the ATP for the delivery of the wheelchair.

Every time, the smiles and the gratitude we are met with are life changing.

A transformation takes place in my heart. I receive my reward in full.

I’m extremely grateful for a career that allows me to be a part of the process, and to be fulfilled.

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