Invaluable Lessons

Young, strong-willed, wild at heart… determined to get what she wanted.

A fantasy, made up love story flew in, so she pressed him into her mold.

The “extra pieces” were cut away, overlooked, and swept under the flying carpet he rode in on.

He said all the right things. She was easily swayed. They said their vows. “Till death do part us.”

Babies in baby carriages followed.

Reality turned ugly. The “extra pieces” burst through. Strongholds triumphed. The short story ended abruptly.

She was devastated.

The baton was passed, temporarily, to her mother, as she mentally “checked out” for a year.

Aging, strong-willed, no longer wild… determined to overcome.

Eventually, she turned to the One who could turn her devastation into strength. Bitterness into compassion. A broken heart, miraculously healed.

If it weren’t for the challenges faced, she wouldn’t have discovered who she was meant to be. The stronger version of herself. Her purpose.

Eyes wide open, mended heart full, she trudged on.

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