“a thing that provides resistance, delay, or obstruction to something or someone.”

Divorce, insecurities, labels, judgments, low expectations, addictions, acceptance – all of these have hindered my freedom a time or two.

I wore them as my identity. I sought comfort in their invisible, deceitful arms. The familiar sounds, feelings, and tastes won. Temporarily.

Walking through life with the chains attached. Hindrances pretending to be my best friends. Wearing masks.

The moment I stopped caring what others thought of me was a pivotal one. The hindrances lost their power that day. The only identity I need has replaced the rest.

Releasing them was as simple as flinging off their power over me. They are small. Powerless. Defeated.

Now, I walk through life on the steps that I designed. The chains are shattered, melted, and cemented into the steps I walk. They’ve been used to pave the path to freedom.

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