A Revelation

img_2318-1It’s impossible to describe the intense love that is felt for my children. It began the moment I knew I was carrying a human being in my womb. As my belly grew, so did my love for them.

The tender feelings I experienced when I initially held him/her in my arms and he/she looked up at me… were beyond comprehension. The experience is one that words cannot do justice in describing – wonder, amazement, and peace merely scratch the surface.

My heart swelled every time our eyes connected, every time a smile crept in, in every small or big accomplishment, and in every cherished moment.

As they grew, I transformed into their protector, nurturer, comforter, teacher, and provider.

My love for them grew beyond my imagination.

I adore them.

Recently, I’ve experienced a revelation about my Creator. He feels, and is, the same for us. His love for us began while he was “knitting us together.” It grew as he chose the parents He’d lend us to. He protects, nurtures, comforts, teaches, and provides for us.

He adores us.

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