img_2253-1I sit, emotionally frozen, as the keyboard keys are pressed under my fingertips. My brain bypasses my soul. I stare through the monitor, as the necessary information enters, computes, and files itself away.

I am unaware of what my mind has processed. Days go by as I’m in this disconnected state of mind.

My contentment has been stolen.

I see myself running toward the finish line, and just as I reach it, the tape is gone. The banner disappears.

I remember the days when excitement woke me up every morning. I couldn’t wait to embrace every new challenge. I didn’t care about the finish line. I cherished every moment.


My contentment was stolen by pride.

Somewhere along the way, the excitement dissolved. Challenges gave up on my unresponsive mind. I arrogantly rose above it all.

As soon as the invisible blindfold was removed, I confronted my pride. I had a talk with myself. Humbly, I drifted back.

Content, eager to cherish the moments, and ready for the next mission on this journey.

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