img_0227Babies, vulnerable and dependent, trust their parents to nurture, feed, and love them.  Their instinct is to cry out for nourishment, comfort, and protection.

We were designed to trust.

Babies in orphanages who do not receive what they need to thrive, no longer seek it.  They give up, and stop hoping that their needs will be met.

Speaking from the horrible experience of adultery, broken trust attempted to destroy me. I was a can of Coke that was stomped on by a giant.  Crushed.  Sharp metal pieces barely hanging on.

The can of Coke was filled back up, taped back together, metal smoothed out.  The can is  whole again, yet fragile.

Thankfully, I’ve been restored, however, trust is a daily struggle for me.

Daily, I have to remind myself to believe that God wants to protect me.  He wants me to trust Him.  He has always provided what I need to thrive.

As much, or more, as I long to shield my children from the world and its harsh ways, God longs to shield us from the same.

It is difficult sometimes, in my weak moments to realize that God was with me when I experienced broken trust with my ex-husband.  God did not want that to happen, but He was there for me when my ex-husband chose that path.

God’s arms were open to comfort me, but I chose to enter the arms of the world instead.

When I chose to seek comfort from the world, I walked away from a life of protection.

Instead of choosing to walk under the umbrella that God was holding for me, I chose to be drenched in the rain.  I chose to freeze.  I chose to struggle.

He never stopped holding the umbrella though. He walked right beside me the whole time.

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