Like water off a duck’s back

img_0052I am the duck.  Judgment from others is the water.

A few years ago, I was standing in line at the grocery store with my rowdy, hyper, silly children who were jumping up and down, tugging on me, touching things on the shelves near us, asking for all of the candy that lined the shelves next to us.

Mary Poppins was waiting in the same line, next up.  She turned around, with her overcoat buttoned all the way up, umbrella on her arm, fancy hat just so, and looked at  us as if we were stray dogs that were loose in the alley.

This “look” bothered me for days.  I complained about her at work, with friends, family… anyone who would listen! I was so offended!

Fast forward to a Christmas shopping trip to the Village of Rochester Hills this past year.    We visited several stores that day, enjoying our time together, as a family.

One store we walked into, a fancy yoga pants store, attempted to affect us.  We walked in, laughing, having fun, unaware…

Abruptly, we stopped when we felt the glares.  Mary Poppins must’ve multiplied at midnight like the gremlins do…

This time though, I laughed.  I didn’t care!

I realized, in that moment, that I became the duck.  Their judgment was the water.

Unfortunately, my children were affected.  They asked to leave right away.

I led the way out, head held high, smiling.

On our way to the next store, I used the moment of the glares to teach my children about what truly matters in life.  The latest styles, how much we spend, our status, what we look like – these things do not matter.

What mattered to me in that moment was that I was alive, spending quality time with my children, enjoying life.

We decided that we wouldn’t allow the glares to affect us.  We know who we are, what we value, and why we are here.

We are loved, and so we shall love others, even when the water pours over us.  Our backs can take it.

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