Rubber-band ball

Rubber-band ball

There were moments, in the toughest times of my life, when I felt like I was trapped at the center of a rubber-band ball.

Each year wrapped itself around the last.

Some days, I enjoyed the shelter and the solace. The layers protected me.

Other days, it was suffocating. The bands were tight. I wanted to snap free.

I was trapped by my own feelings.

Circumstances, responsibilities, and people added to the layers.

No one knew I who I was. No one knew my predicament.

Years passed me by.

When I started to see the names of the bands from the inside – bitterness, un-forgiveness, hate, anger, self worth, intimidation, and humiliation – I realized that I controlled them.

One by one, I overcame them.

As I forgave, they snapped off.

When I chose to live in freedom, they wore thin.

When I no longer cared what the world thought of me, they expanded.

Bursting from the center of the rubber-band ball, I emerged.

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