img_1943On my way to the path set before me, I was lost.

I was so lost that I had no idea what I was looking for.

I was numb to the signs, nudges, and guiding mentors that tried to show me the way to the path.

They were a nuisance to me.

I was drawn to a different path that led to THE WALL.  No matter which path I chose, I ended up at THE WALL.

I ran my fingers along THE WALL, trying to find clues that would lead me to the path set before me.  THE WALL seemed to be whispering to me, with a soft voice beckoning me… to somewhere…

The voice was comforting at times, when I leaned up against it, lost and unaware.  The voice was comforting because it became familiar, even though I couldn’t comprehend the directions it was giving to me.

Determined to find the path set before me, I kept searching.

There was an opening in THE WALL!

Someone wrote “The journey inward” on the doorframe of the opening in THE WALL.

As I entered the opening, it transformed into a tunnel.  The tunnel was wallpapered with my past.

Voices, images, scents, textures, people, mistakes, tears, loss, sadness, and the others floated around me as I walked through.

They were coming FROM me.  Escaping.

With the release of each one, my strength seemed to increase.

When I reached the end of the tunnel, I felt like a superhero – bold, confident, and free!

The path set before me appeared.

Just in time.

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