Never stop LOOKING

I read a story recently where a promise was made to a group of people. The promise would give them something they longed for.

Some people gave up after a while. They stopped looking for it. Their eyes were fixed on the ground. Their world became hopeless.

Other people continued looking.

One day, the promise arrived. The people who never stopped looking were able to see it! They were transformed by it, and filled with its overwhelming love.

Unfortunately, those who stopped looking were unable to see it.

This story spoke volumes to my heart. There have been times when I have given up. I was impatient and my eyes were drawn to the ground. I missed out on great things because I stopped looking.

The promise in this story that I read recently still exists.

The only way to receive it and experience it and be transformed by it is to look for it. Call out for it. Draw close to it.

Never stop LOOKING

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