send me?

This was my prayer in early June. It was a question at that point, because I wasn’t sure that I meant it.

When I received an odd phone call from a place I didn’t apply to, it started to make sense. I declined and told them it was too far away.

Something inside of me nudged me to call them back and accept it. So, I called them back and set it up.

Go for it.


So, I went to the interview, laughing to myself about how far away it was. Wondering if I could really move there.

Again, I felt the nudge.


A few days later, I received a call with a request for a second interview.

They offered me the job at the end of the interview! I accepted!

I drove around the area, saw several horses (which I love) and I had an overwhelming feeling, an unexpected love for this new place.

As soon as I got home I started looking for a house online. I also called my agent to ask her some questions about selling my house.

Within a week I put an offer on a house in my new neighborhood, and I listed my house.

The following week my house was SOLD after being on the market for only TWO days!

My offer on the new house was accepted as well!

Everything happened so fast! Everything fell into place. I trusted, and it all worked out.

Two words I wasn’t sure that I meant when I prayed that day were taken seriously.

When everything started to fall in place, I confidently shouted “Send Me!” with tears running down my cheeks.

I also yelled, “I TRUST YOU!” as I began to comprehend all of the love that God poured out over me, with the undeniable evidence in the events that took place in just two weeks.

Without a doubt, this new place is where I am supposed to be.

I am excited beyond belief!

Send Me!

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