She was exhausted as she sat with her back against the wall and head in her hands. She looked over at the shield in the corner and wondered where it came from. It was covered in cobwebs. Unable to stand up, she crawled over to it and wiped the layers of dust off.

As the dust fell, she started to wake up.

She gained strength. Enough strength to stand. She stood up for the first time in months, lifted the shield up and slowly walked toward the door.

With each step forward, her eyes saw a light that grew brighter.

The darkness that tried to strangle her was disappearing as the shield moved into it.

The arrows that previously stabbed her in the heart were now hitting the shield.

She was protected.

The light remained ahead of her, illuminating her path. She tested it a few times by tiptoeing off of the path… it grew dim each time, so she jumped back on with both feet.

When the shield grew heavy, she set it down. The arrows pierced her heart again.

How can I carry this? It is too heavy!

“Rely on Me,” she heard whispered to her soul.

Picking the shield back up, it wasn’t heavy at all. It felt like someone else was carrying it for her.

The path grew more narrow, but remained illuminated.

The arrows never ceased to strike the shield.

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