Who are you? (part 2)

I remembered another name: Daughter.

I sit behind families every week and I watch the way they interact. For some reason, I’m always drawn to the way the fathers adore their daughters.

One week I watched a mom walk in with her three girls who surprised their dad. Their game was cancelled, so they wanted to be with their dad. Their hugs tugged at my heart as their excitement to see each other poured out all over the place.

Last week I saw a little girl, about two years old, just cuddle her daddy in the most beautiful way. Her adorable, sweet little head fit perfectly on his shoulder and her precious face rested against his neck. She was completely at peace.

This week I watched a few fathers smile at their daughters in a way that spoke volumes of affirmation to them. Their father’s affirmation will carry them. They won’t look for it in all of the wrong places that the world offers.

This week we sang a song called, “Who You Say I Am.” I’ve mentioned this song before in my blog post titled “Redemption.”

Some of the lyrics state, “I am chosen, not forsaken… He has ransomed me… There’s a place for me (in heaven)… He is for me, not against me… I am a child of God… I am free.”

When I first heard the song I realized how amazing it is to be called all of those things.

Another name that was not in the song, another identity I have been called is “Daughter.”

This might seem like common sense to some of my readers. I will spare you the details of why that name means so much to me. Knowing I am called “Daughter” by God is powerful. Knowing that despite my sin, my mistakes, my judgements, my harsh words, and my wrong attitudes, that I am still called “Daughter,” is grace, mercy, and LOVE.

The same love I see week after week displayed between the fathers and daughters I sit behind is the same love I feel DAILY.

So, to answer the question “Who Am I?” that I asked in the title of of this blog…

I am HIS.


One thought on “Who are you? (part 2)

  1. Love this! First and foremost my Father’s daughter defined me from the second I drew my first breath, and ended when he last drew his last.
    An incredible love ended with me knowing that no one else in this world loves me best anymore.
    However, I see that love in my husband’s eyes with our 4 daughters. I see how that love carries to them. Even though I may have suffered a loss, I have GAINED a new understanding and see that powerful relationship tranferred to my girls.
    How LUCKY for them, that they too will know that love that only a Father can give to his girls!

    Just wait until you blog about sons….my oh my how that love is powerful as well!

    Love to you Annette and your insight!


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