“Far From Home” (the new Spider-Man movie)

“I don’t think Tony would’ve done what he did if he didn’t know that you were going to be here after he was gone.”

This line was a revelation for me.  Tony Stark sacrificed his life to save the world because he knew that he could trust Spider-Man to carry on the legacy.

Someone else I know made a similar sacrifice.

Here is the revelation I experienced in that moment, at the movie theater when I heard that line: He chose me, and many others, because He trusted us to carry on His legacy –  to love people, and to tell them about His love for them.

The realization that God chose me for this, made me feel like an Olympic relay race runner who has just been handed the baton.

Tony Stark saw something in Spider-Man that told him he could go, and the rest of the plan would work out. He trusted him to carry on his legacy.

Spider-Man struggled.  He didn’t believe that he could live up to what Iron Man did.  He also didn’t want to leave his “normal” life behind.

Again, I can relate.  It is a daily struggle to do the right thing, and not do the wrong thing.  To swim against the flow, to stand for what I have been called to.  To miss out on things that the world takes part in, things that look fun and harmless, until the long-term consequences creep back up in my memories and remind me of all the reasons they are harmful.  Rules were created for our own protection.  Parents do not allow their children to play in the street so that they won’t get hit by a car.  God provides rules for the same reason – so we won’t get hurt.

Back to the movie, there is another character who has traits that remind me of someone…

The bad guy.  He convinces Spider-Man that he was a more suitable replacement for Iron Man.  Spider-Man didn’t even realize that he had been deceived until several scenes later.  The bad guy I know does the same thing. Constantly. The more good we do, the more people we love, the harder the devil tries to dismantle our efforts.  His goal is to destroy us, and to win us over to the dark side.  He tells us we are worthless.  He encourages us to fear rejection, and he tries to make us give up on everything.

I am thankful that the battle has already been won.  I just need to remember that when I feel like I’m still in the battle.  The devil does not have any weapons that can defeat God.

The bad guy in the movie was discovered, just in time.  As always.

It was a great movie.  I hope I didn’t ruin it for you.  Go see it if you haven’t left already!



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