Step up to the plate

Life requires us to be ready, at all times, for all the curve balls that life throws at us.

Life requires us to step up to the plate.

Life requires our “A game.”

When I became a single mom, I hid out in the dug out for a year.  I felt ill equipped.  I felt defeated.  I didn’t want to play, and I didn’t know I had an “A game.”

My mom went up to bat for me that year.  She hit every curve ball, ran the bases, and hit home runs with my kids in mind.

She pushed me to get back up, get out of the dug out, and play the game.  She encouraged me to just do what I could, for now, until I was ready for more.  She held me up until then.  She took care of my kids until then.

She knew I had what it took to get back in the game.

When that day came, she handed me the bat.  She smiled that unique smile that held so much love that it felt like a waterfall.  She believed in me, even when I didn’t believe in myself.

I took the bat, stepped up to the plate, and swung.

I got that job, and bought that house, and eventually, became that mom.  The mom who could look at my kids the same way my mom looked at me.  The mom whose heart swelled just by looking at her kids.  The mom who would do anything, including taking all the curve balls, for her kids, for as long as it takes.

The “plate” that used to be intimidating, and overwhelming, is now a mere white square.

I’m on the plate, because of my mom, ready to swing.

Making home runs.

Holding the bat for my kids, preparing them daily, for the moment when they’ll be ready to do the same.

Be ready at all times, for the curve balls.

Believe in people when they aren’t able to see the plate.

Hand them the bat when they are ready.

Step up to the plate.



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