Mortal bodies. Some people believe that this is it. When they die, there is nothing afterwards. They walk around in their mortal bodies fearing the end. They attempt to live full lives in order to make it all worth it, and to absorb as much from life as possible. They hope, near the end, if they know it’s coming, that they’ve done enough, seen it all, lived well. They have no hope of anything after death.

Others have received a gift. A sacrifice was necessary for the gift to be received. The sacrifice that requested their sacrifice. The gift requires that the gift receiver believes that the sacrifice was for him/her, and that news of that gift is shared.

When the news of the gift is shared, it spreads like a wildfire.

Inside the gift is hope, unconditional love that never ends, and an immortal life. The gift receiver will never die, he/she becomes immortal. The gift receiver also has an ability to speak directly to, and hear from, the gift giver. The gift is free, paid for.

As any gift giver would, this gift giver expects gratitude, and a continued relationship. No one wants to give a gift just to have the receiver say “yea thanks” and walk away.

Immortal life, hope, and an unconditional love that never ends… How could anyone just walk away saying “yea thanks!”?

I received the gift. I wore it like my very own superhero costume. At first, I was flying around, sharing the news that I received it. I felt really special about it, and wanted everyone to know, so they could get their own gift!

Surprisingly, some people didn’t want it. Many people thought I was crazy.

I took off the costume. I hid it. I still knew about the gift I received, and I still believed it most of the time, but I wasn’t excited about it anymore. I lost hope.

The gift giver kept walking beside me, offering hope again. Never giving up.

I started feeling like I did before I received the gift. I walked around with my head down. I didn’t see anything exciting about life. I expected people to provide what only the gift could. I longed for the gift.

As soon as I said those words, in my thoughts, I felt the costume on me. The gift giver must’ve been right next to me, waiting. Never leaving. Endlessly loving.

Most days since then, I feel immortal. Most days, I’m thankful. Most days I have a relationship with the gift giver. Most days, I keep the costume on.

As soon as I take off the costume, I lose hope. Without the costume, I resort to my old ways. Foolishly, I allow my life to get ugly before I realize that I forgot about the gift. Sometimes this process happens several times a day!

The best part is, that the gift giver never asks for the gift back.

Hope, unconditional love, and immortal life.

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