The “spark”

Superhero costumes were his daily outfits from age 2 through age 8.

With a pair of red rain boots.

He sought adventure, constantly.

He loved pretending we were all in danger so he could save us.

He stopped wearing the costumes, but he never stopped seeking adventure.

Daily life did not intrigue him. He needed more.

He struggled to choose his future path after he graduated.

And then…

He became the hero once again.

The costumes were put away when they no longer fit, but the one he wears now carries honor.

It was earned, and its value will continue to increase as the years carry on.

His goals to save us have become his reality. Daily.

He is willing to give his life to do so.

I didn’t know then, how much that cape meant to him.

The superhero “spark” became what defines him.

Son. Soldier. Super Hero.

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