She saw his heart

I watched a movie yesterday, a classic, where a little girl looked past a man’s appearance, cynicism, and evil acts, to see his heart.  She took him by the hand, invited him over for Christmas dinner, and loved him in such a genuine way that he was transformed instantly!  This little girl taught me a valuable lesson.  She opened my eyes.

I read a book yesterday, a classic, that taught me to do the same.  The book is about a man who died young, while loving others the way that little girl loved the cynical man.  He taught others how to love, and how to genuinely care about others.  His love gave people new eyes, new hearts, and a purpose.  He died so that we could live.

As an introvert, I struggle to see people as anything other than a challenge.  I struggle to speak to strangers, and I’d rather just smile at them.  I have a friend who is the opposite, an extrovert.  Every time we go out, she talks to people! Every person she meets!  It’s amazing to watch.  The people she speaks to, the people that are used to being treated like servants without souls, light up.  She speaks to them, and makes them feel valuable. She has also opened my eyes.

As children, we had wide eyes, big dreams, passion, and purpose.  Growing up, life hit us in the face like that unexpected snowball, or freight train, and we lost sight of our purpose.  We found a heavy shield to hold up, to walk the streets with.  We climbed inside our turtle shells, interacting and walking about only when necessary, to protect ourselves.  We isolated ourselves from the world, out of fear, and we watched it go by from our seat by the window where we felt safe.

In that book that I read, there were people who, (after their teacher died), stood up against the snowballs and the freight trains.  They faced life, and their fears, with the greatest boldness I’d ever seen.  Their purpose to love others drove them to shed their outer shells.  They left the doors and windows to their homes wide open, and invited people in.  They invited these people over for Christmas dinner, and loved them in such a genuine way that they saw their hearts transformed. Daily.

I believe that our purpose on this earth is to live like the little girl in the movie, and the fearless warriors in the book.  I know this cannot be accomplished on our own.  I believe that the teacher who died young left a gift for us.  When this gift is accepted, it gives us the power to love others genuinely.  The gift allows us to open the doors so that hearts can be transformed. The gift provides our purpose.

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