The Masterpiece

Imagine a place, a workshop, where the master works diligently to create something that he’s dreamed up.

Can you see his face light up when his dream comes to life before him?

He’s shaping the face, the hands, the feet. Every detail is intricate and precise. Exactly the way he imagined it.

He loves his creation and can’t wait to present it.

There is one problem… he has to choose the perfect route for the new creation to travel.

The new creation can only enter the earth on one path.

He searches hearts and minds with diligence until he knows the path.

The creation is complete. He kisses the final product. He adores his creation.

It’s time to let go.

Picking up his creation, he sets it on the perfect path.

The receivers are ready. They’ve waited a long nine months for this moment.

His creation enters the world, loved by the creator first, and most.

His creation is also loved by the receivers.

It was difficult for the creator to let go of his dreamed up, imagined, adored creation.

He has great plans for his creation. He hopes that his creation will stay on the path.

The masterpiece is you.

The creator is God.

God created every one of us this way, intricately, detailed, and exactly how he desired us to be.

He loves us more than we could imagine.

He longs to be with us.

To set us free.

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