img_2539Remembering the first time I heard your heartbeat. Your movement in my belly. Your cry.

Instantly, you were calm, when I held you for the first time. We just stared at each other, finally meeting.

I wanted the world to stop so we wouldn’t have to move.

You cried when they took you. They washed you, weighed you, measured you… wrapped you up and brought you back. It felt like hours had gone by in those moments.

My love for you poured out of my heart like a broken faucet. I cherished your sweet face, your smile, your laugh, and your curiosity.

Years flew by.

I couldn’t keep up with the milestones you achieved. I recorded them with photos, journals, and videos, but I still feel like I missed so much because it went by so fast.

You’ve taught me great things along the way.

The hardest moment is right in front of us.

Letting go.

I know you’ll fly. You’ll soar.

I know you’ll come back changed.

I hope I’ve given you everything you’ll need. Wings. Wisdom. Love.

The rest, you will sharpen. Ambition. Drive. Focus.

I’m ready to let you fly.

I’ll be here, always, watching.

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