A letter to my single friends

img_2517My dearest single friends,

It is not a relationship with a man, or a woman, that you seek.

The emptiness, loneliness, and longing that you experience cannot be relieved, nor fulfilled, by any man or woman.

The disappointment that causes your most painful, heart wrenching tears can end.

There is hope.

The promises inside this hope are not false.

As you stated, we were created, designed, and wired with a desire for companionship. The companionship of a man, or woman, once found, still isn’t enough!

A man, or woman, no matter how great he/she is, cannot comfort you enough. He is incapable of loving you enough. He is lacking the ability to meet our every need.

Children long to be unconditionally loved by their parents – to spend quality time with, and to just BE close to them. Ideally, by design, the feeling is reciprocated by their parents. In this same way, our Creator longs to be with us. It is THIS relationship alone that will satisfy our hunger for companionship, comfort, and unconditional love.

No matter how great the man or woman you find is, you will continue to feel empty until you seek the One who created the emptiness in you.

Your Creator loves you with such an angst that He sent His Son to die for you. He paid the ultimate price so that He could fill that emptiness.

I only know this because I’ve tried. While I was running away from Him, I sought fulfillment from man.

Man wasn’t created to meet the needs of our soul.

This letter is a plea.

My heartfelt plea, to you, is to stop running away from the only One who can meet your every need. Run to Him. His arms are open wide.

He will welcome you home, with a party that your soul has never experienced before! You will feel complete, fulfilled, unconditionally loved, amazingly desired.

You’ll feel like you’re finally Home. I promise.

Sincerely yours,


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