The Relentless Pursuit

img_0992-1She loosened the rope, silently unhooking the boat from the dock.  It was dark, the air was crisp, and there was a mist hovering over the water.  Rowing softly, she steered her way out of the marina without anyone noticing.

The night drove her fears up to her throat. Eyes peeled, ears alert, heart pounding. She found her strength in the promises she kept.  She knew that whatever she might encounter would be worth it.  She had to escape the life that was drowning her. She could no longer feel her soul.  She was done making mistakes.

The destination was unknown.  The horizon seemed endless.  The longer it took to get there, the clearer her mind might be when she needed to realize she had arrived.  So that is where she headed.

Several days passed by.

There was an overwhelming sense that someone was nearby, yet she couldn’t see anyone or anything for miles. It was comforting to know she wasn’t alone.

The waters carried her to the shore. She stepped out with courage.

A new beginning awaited her. She was ready. Equipped.

The presence in the boat would never end the relentless pursuit.

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