img_1490It has so much power.  It also has many levels.

I thought I had forgiven my ex-husband, and others who have hurt me.  Until I was faced with another unexpected memory.  This time, it was while watching the movie, “I Can Only Imagine.”

Several scenes and words spoken in the movie uncovered layers of un-forgiveness in my heart.

Our minds and hearts hold on to hurts that we don’t even realize still exist.  Until we see them happen to, or hear them spoken to someone else.

When these unchartered waters rush in, we must choose, all over again, if we will hold on to them, or release them.  Holding on to them breeds retaliation.  Releasing them initiates a renewed freedom.

When I watched the movie, I allowed myself to get angry and feel the emotions that I experienced when it first happened.  My blood boiled.  My disappointment acted as if it were brand new.  Tears dripped out of my eyes, onto my cheeks.  The tears held the memories.  The tears multiplied.  It felt good to release them. As I wiped them away, I decided to release the people who created them.  I was free. Again.

The experiences, the sorrows, the pain, the victories – they’re all part of me.  I don’t regret or despise any of them.  The pain has given me strength.  The sorrow led to joy.  Experiences provide valuable lessons.

If we didn’t go through hard times in our lives, with people to forgive, we wouldn’t  understand the depth of the power in forgiveness.  If we never suffered, there would be no lesson to learn.

We have been forgiven/set free, so we must also forgive, to be set free from the power that it has over us.

The layers of forgiveness will continue to uncover themselves, when we are ready to release them.

The immense power that un-forgiveness holds goes to battle with the equaled power of forgiveness.   Un-forgiveness sets us back, imprisons us.  Forgiveness moves us forward, frees us.  I choose forgiveness.

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