Accept the unexpected.

Cherish the small moments.  Those moments when time stands still, and you’re able to peek inside and see yourself… experience yourself in your essence.

Look for the rainbows.

Seek your ambition. Dig deep inside and find your drive.  It has been woven into you, even before you were born!

These are the things that hindered me from embracing my circumstances over the years:

I allowed what I did not have (a husband, a “family,” and financial freedoms) to determine my choices.

I closed so many doors due to my choice to overlook the things I had (great kids, a FAMILY, and financial stability).

I realized that the life I was determined to live was right in front of me.

Instead of sitting on the swing above the path, watching it go by, I jumped down and became a part of it all.

I embraced it.

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