Visiting Mount St. Helens thirty eight years after it erupted was mind blowing.  The land it attempted to destroy is bursting through the ashes. It was altered, yet undefeated.

The lush foliage has reclaimed its territory.

The ash blanketed the ground for miles.

When we experience trauma, we are also blanketed with many emotions. The trauma attempts to steal our true identity much like the ash attempted to destroy the land.

Victory is found when we desire to overcome, and hold onto God. He longs to protect us and cover us with His love.

When I found out about the affairs, I ran from God for 9 years.

My life spiraled out of control. My emotions were strangling me, and I was losing the fight.

My soul longed for protection, love, and healing.

The moment I ran back into God’s loving arms, I was alive again. Amazingly alive. Altered, yet undefeated.

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