At the beginning of time, wisdom was beside God, assisting with, rejoicing about, and delighted by creation (Proverbs 8:22, 31). I am not a theologian, I am merely in awe of the moments that were described here. Wisdom, in these passages, has historically been interpreted as Jesus. So, I picture Jesus there, with God, while the depths, the springs, the mountains, the hills, the earth, the fields, the first dust, the heavens, the skies, the sea and its boundaries were being created. I picture Jesus smiling, clapping, and encouraging God. Again, this is just how I have interpreted Proverbs 8:22-31.

A beautiful relationship between a Father and His Son.

I wonder, as I picture this, about time. Did Jesus know, in those majestic moments, that He would have to enter the earth and die? He must have known, since He is all-knowing. Yet, He assisted, rejoiced, and delighted anyway. He trusted His Father’s plan.

If you know me well, you know that I question EVERYTHING. I have questioned things to the point where I have been called “exhausting.” I defended myself by stating that I am just a curious person, but deep down I know that it stems from mistrust and skepticism. I am pretty sure I would have been the annoying little sister in those moments with my “but why’s?” along the way, every time something new was created. As I write these words I realize that the answer would simply be, “because I love you so much.”

Hearing the “I love you so much” would make me want to stand on that fresh, newly created mountaintop and shout that to the world. I would shout it right now, to this fallen world that has chosen to dismiss His love. This fallen world that Jesus died for even though He knew that so many would forget that sacrifice.

I am trying to wrap my head around that.

In this moment I am reminded of my own dismissal of God. I turned away from God for ten years! I set Him on the shelf even though I knew what He did for me.

Amazingly, and gracefully, He waited. He silently pursued me until my ears and heart opened up so that I could hear how loud His love for me was shouting for me to return to Him.

I ran into a hug that poured so much love into me that I’ll never be the same.

I am realizing, right now, that They knew about that moment when They were creating it all at the beginning of time. Yet, They created me anyway. They knew my choices, my waywardness, and my sins, yet… They created me anyway.

Because… They love me so much.

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