Are you stuck?

I was.

I felt like I was stuck in a job that I hated. I applied to job after job and kept receiving rejections.

I was afraid to quit my job, take a leap of trust and go back to school to get my masters degree.

For two years, I feared what would happen if I quit my job. I cried. I felt defeated by the what ifs.

Finally, I listened to that nudge, that reassuring whisper telling me to trust, telling me that I would be taken care of, telling me that I would not fail.

I listened, and I trusted, and…

I jumped.

I was moving along in masters program, still holding onto the job “just in case” I couldn’t afford something until I could not physically work and complete my internship.

“Quit the job and trust,” I heard again. Softly, as a whisper to my soul.

I looked back over the year and a half that had passed since I originally took the initial leap. I saw everything that happened since the moment I started the program. I saw miracles, and finances, and peace that washed over me.

So… I quit the job.

I started working part-time, cringing every time I would open the envelope with the check inside. Hoping it would be enough. Somehow, it has been. Week after week receiving three times less than what I was making before, it has been enough. Miraculously, my finances haven’t been affected by a huge decrease in my income.

I only have ten weeks left in the program.

I have trusted God more in the past two years than I have over my lifetime.

I have had more peace than ever before.

I was stuck, until I trusted and was set free.

Are you stuck?

I heard a message about John 5 verse 7 recently. It is about a man who was paralyzed until Jesus told him to get up. Jesus healed the man and he was no longer paralyzed.

Is there something paralyzing you, or keeping you from doing what you believe you have been called to do?

Based on what God has done in my life, I urge you to trust Him. He will show up.

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