The mannequin

I stood there, eyes closed, singing. I saw what looked like a cement block blow up and pieces fly everywhere in slow motion. Block after block destroyed.

Once the wall was gone, I saw a heart that had been mended, beating and alive.

I continued to pray.

The next thing I saw was anger, so I prayed that his heart would soften so that God’s love could be absorbed.

My thoughts wandered to the image that came to my mind earlier in the week… An image of a mannequin laying lifeless with holes all over her body.

A man walked up to her with a pitcher. As he poured the pitcher into the first hole, it closed up and became flesh.

Pitcher after pitcher he poured into the mannequin. Hole after hole, filled.

The mannequin stood up, full of life. Whole. Complete.

I thought about how I used to feel like that lifeless mannequin, with holes that I tried to fill with people, affirmation, and acceptance.

I was using the wrong pitcher, trying to fill myself with it.

I had to surrender to God so that He could provide the only things that could fill me… His love, His peace, His joy, His kindness, His patience, His truth, His protection, His hope, and His perseverance.

The person I have become since that day of surrender now stands full of life.



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