Without a VOICE

Ariel from the Little Mermaid willingly gave up her voice and her relationship with her father when presented with a lie.

Students who are being taught lies give up their voices unknowingly.

People all over the world are being robbed of their voices that could stop the violence.

Violence is fueled by the lies we are being told about our country.

Division and animosity are rising out of the ashes that were already defeated.

The ashes are being stirred up to give a voice to division.

Our country is being divided as people are falling prey to the same lie that Ariel did: your voice doesn’t matter.

Without a voice, truth is being muted.

Without truth, our world is weak.

We are called to stand firm and to not be swayed.

We are not empty souls.

We are not pawns on a chess board full of powerful people in society who get to move us wherever they please.

We must stand up to the lies and fight for truth to be taught.

We have souls that are bold.

We have voices that must be heard.

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