The sinkhole

The past four months have been a blur.  Some days flew by me at a pace I could not keep up with, and some days I was sinking slowly into sadness.

My peace was gone.

The sadness felt like a sinkhole.

I was covered in guilt and shame.  It blinded me.

Daily, on my own, I fought to keep my head from giving up and joining the sadness in the sinkhole.

Until… TODAY.

Today, I realized that it is impossible to fight this alone.

Right now, TODAY, I am reaching out.

As soon as I ask, I see this loving hand reaching down.  It reminds me of the day I fell in the lake on my 5th birthday and I saw my grandpa’s hand reaching down, miraculously, gently, and lovingly lifting me out of the water.

As my body emerges from the sinkhole, I am surrounded by love.

The sand disintegrates, and every grain is replaced by love.

His love was waiting for me.

I realized, today, that His love will never leave that place of waiting.

He will meet me there. Every time.

The sinkhole disappeared as I walked away from it.


And healed (again).

I am ready to place my feet on the new path.

Hoping to stay on the right one.




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