Follow Your Dreams

Such an old saying. Usually considered cliché by many. Not me.

I believe that our dreams are our gifts.

When we do what we love, we are fulfilled. The gift lies in the blueprint… the idea that what we love was woven into who we are.

Opening locks, solving mysteries in an Escape Room, is similar to figuring out who we are.

Some choose to ignore their passions. They follow the American dream, chasing fortune and fame. Most end up empty, sad, lost, and stuck in the room with the mysteries unsolved. They’re hunched over, looking down, hopeless and unmotivated to find the right keys.

Others, like me, know what they’re driven to do, and where their gift lies, but fear blocks the path. All of the “what ifs” have extinguished the flame.

As a mom, I’ve encouraged my children to do what they love. I’ve attempted to see where they’re gifted. I’ve spoken truth and encouragement into them, hoping to steer them toward doing what they love… even if the world doesn’t agree.

Deeper than that, we all have a desire to be accepted. We often choose that path instead of believing in ourselves and living in a world where we are strong enough to go after what makes us happy, instead of who the world will accept. This is so sad to me.

I often let my mind wander into a world where we’ve all chosen the path that is paved by our gifts. It’s a beautiful place.

My imagination sees people smiling, waving at, and helping each other. I see a community where each person knows the part they were created to play. I see support, love, and encouragement.

I’d like to make my dream a reality. I want to create a place where kids can feel safe. A “community” center that would be a gathering place… a place for kids to find their passions and their gifts.

I’d like to have:

A baseball diamond out back – like the one where my neighborhood kids would gather from morning until night every day of summer break.

A basketball court.

An art, writing, and music studio.

A room for the parents to gather too. Parents who want more for their children than the virtual world they’re addicted to.

A place where people of all ages can go back to the way life used to be. A safe place where we looked eye to eye instead of word to word, or video to video.

This is my dream. I’m hoping that my fears will be extinguished. I hope this place will be more than a place that I imagine.

The world needs us to stop walking in the direction of the current. Stop. Walk the other way. Create waves that cause the current to be overtaken. Stop being robots seeking the acceptance of something that has nothing to offer.

Start realizing that the only way to feel fulfilled is to live within the gifts that have been woven into who we are.

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