“You have to speak what’s in your soul, or you won’t have legs.”

I stole the best line of a movie.  Oops.

It was just such a revelation to me! I’m not even sure that it’ll mean the same to you that it meant to me.  For me, its about our passions.

I believe that we each have a unique passion, and that our passion is a gift.

If we don’t live out our gift, in our careers, or at least our hobbies, we will be left without “legs.”  Our passion, what we long to do, or be, in life is what drives us.  It IS who we are meant to be.

The actress in the movie was singing songs that were outside of her genre.  She was singing to gain popularity.  She lost her true self in exchange for popularity.

I think we do the same, when choosing a career for the money.  I’ve read several studies that conclude that happiness doesn’t happen unless you are true to your passion.

Success shouldn’t be defined by how much money someone makes.

Students should be encouraged to find their passion, and then seek the path that allows their passion to be alive. Daily.

We shouldn’t be willing to lose our true self, and throw away our gift, just for money.  After all, money is just paper, right? Some of the people who have attained the highest riches have also reached the deepest sadness.

If each one of us is unique, and each of one of us has a unique gift… then each gift is part of the the ultimate purpose!

So, buckle up. Take your unique legs, and jump on the path of your uniquely created purpose!


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