Asperger’s Syndrome

I met a child today who has Asperger’s Syndrome.  We had quite the conversation! We started our discussion about dinosaurs (their proper names, features, best attributes, which one was his favorite, and the many reasons why), we moved on to discuss people (who he felt helped him the most), and then he told me about God.  This young child told me that he knew God loves him, but that he is mad at God.  He didn’t want to tell me why, so we moved on to the next topic.

My name was “hey, come here” during our conversation, and I didn’t mind at all.  I was intrigued by his intellect, and rewarded with his interest in sharing this conversation.

Recently, I watched a show where one of the main characters also has Asperger’s Syndrome.  The show took me through the parent’s initial realization, chosen treatments, available programs, and endless challenges that they faced as a family.

In college, I was honored to work with children who were diagnosed with Autism. We worked on increasing social skills through imaginative play.  The children invited me into their world, every time we met, once they deemed me safe and worthy.

Closer to home, on a more personal level, I have a nephew who has Asperger’s Syndrome.  He is amazing.  I love his personality, his intellect, his ambition, and his unique outlook on life.  He builds virtual rollercoasters, detailed artwork, and worlds that only a chosen few may enter.  I have had the privilege of entering a few of these worlds, and I do not take the honor lightly.  He occasionally sends me inquisitive texts, asking me to replay information that he has previously provided.  Sometimes, I impress him by remembering the requested information.   If not, he is forgiving, and offers additional lessons.  Either way, I am honored, again, to be a part of his world for a moment.

This morning, my world was revived by the young boy I met.

While writing about the young boy I met, I was reminded of how much I loved my college internship experience.

I look forward to my nephew’s next “text quiz,” and invitation to the world that he is most likely in the middle of building.

We are all uniquely created.  Our differences make us the most beautiful patches in the loveliest quilt ever made – all sewn together to tell our story.

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