A melody

55396946300__928d16b1-ddf3-4f5a-aa12-3cc2e12952e7-1My life has taken a turn.

If I were watching it on “the big screen,” it would be the part of the movie where you look around to see everyone smiling. Maybe even a happy tear would be rolling down a cheek or two.

Chapter 43 we will call it – “Bold & Passionate.”

I’d be reading books, more than I could keep up with, and writing every moment available.

I’d be inspired by podcasts, and teachings, friends, and gifts that are wrapped up inside hearts instead of boxes.

The movie would slow down to turtle speed, and everyone would glance at each other wondering if maybe the tape broke. The screen would jump a few times, and then roll out smoothly again.

You’d see me walking often, with friends, alone, or seemingly alone yet smiling quietly to myself. Entranced, and captivated.

Chapter 43 unfolds as a story of peace.

Peace that is unleashed as forgiveness rolls out and prances down the red carpet.

Forgiveness joins hands with joy and they frolic in the same meadows that Laura Ingalls Wilder depicted as her way home.

Revelations, epiphanies, dreams, and acceptance would be the feast at every meal.

They would devour me, yet somehow sharpen me, releasing ugliness in order to make room for the endless transformation.

You would see acceptance. Not from others, as you’d expect, but of myself.

That acceptance would increase confidence…

To be who I am. The me I’ve been called to be…

… someone with hope that sits outside and waits for me to join, in the most beautiful melody of boldness & passion… for something only our souls can see.

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