Dear best friend,

img_2849-1Remember when you told me I had to find that place inside myself where I was ok with just being with me?

When I hit panic mode every time I was alone?


Found it!

Today, I didn’t feel incomplete when I was walking alone in the airport, on the plane, or soaring over the mountains.

I was smiling to myself.

I’m enjoying every minute of this being alone thing. (Ok, well, most minutes).

I’m realizing that it’s not just liking or being ok with me… it’s being in a strong, real, reciprocal relationship with God!

Where I speak to Him in my mind and I know He’s listening, and ask, and listen.

I hear him whisper “you’re beautiful my sweet child. I love you.” Those are the moments that I truly enjoy. I feel alive.




I’m excited for what’s next even if it’s not something great, because our life here on earth is temporary.

Our pain & struggles will be forgotten.

Heaven will be louder than the whispers that keep me smiling.

Thank you for encouraging me to find peace. Peace with myself that led to peace with my God!


Your best friend

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