In the shadows

img_2818-1The circus rings are placed exactly where they’ll be conquered.

She swings to them, holding on with all of her being.

She anticipates their placement.

As soon as she reaches her goal, the ring is no longer there.

She fumbles. Descends. Grasps. Fails. Plummets.

Her fate is spared by the nets below.

Ironically, her failures mimic her relationship.

No matter what, she will never meet the expectations. They’ll never be where the calculated anticipation places them.

As her body braces itself to slam against the net below, she is taunted to give up and walk away. Her endless efforts have exhausted her. She has lost the drive to achieve the goal.

Facing defeat, she decides to remain in the shadows.

The shadows seem safe. They allow her to be who she is, not who she is becoming.

The shadows hold her past, and they applaud how far she’s come.

The light forces her to become greater.

When she’s ready, she will step out. She’ll attempt to reach her goals again. She will silence the failures that are a faint echo.

The rings will be immovable.

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